Sublime Text
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Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

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Sublime Text Description

Sublime Text 2 is a super fast and feature packed text and development editor. If you are going to be coding regularly you want to try this amazing editor (IDE). Following some of the great features that make Sublime Text 2 stand out from other code editors:

  • Multiple cursors: Once you have discovered multiple cursors you won't want to work without them anymore. As the name suggests they let you write or edit in multiple places in a document at the same time.
  • Vintage mode: Vim keyboard shortcuts will work just like in the original Vim editor. To use them, all you need to do is to enable vintage mode.
  • Lightning fast: This is the fastest code editor you will find right now.
  • Command pallet: A great feature that allows you to reach about all functions of the editor via the keyboard. You will hardly use your mouse and thus code more efficiently.
  • Plugin collection: A hugely active community creates plugins for almost any task in Sublime Text 2. This includes syntax highlighting and code snippets for a large number of languages, for example Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Python, LESS, XML and C++ to name just a few.
  • Package control: This add-on let's you install plugins within seconds directly from the editor.

Sublime Text Screenshots

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What's New in Sublime Text 2.0.2

- Removed expiry date
- Backported various fixes from Sublime Text 3
- Improved minimap click behavior. The old behavior is available via the minimap_scroll_to_clicked_text setting
- Added copy_with_empty_selection setting, to control the behavior of the copy and cut commands when no text is selected
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Sublime Text Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows (All Versions)

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Sublime Text Previous Versions

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Quick Specifications

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